In today’s busy world life can often become so stressful that decisions and everyday events may feel just too much to cope with alone.

You may be feeling unhappy or confused with life choices you have made and can’t see a way to move forward. Perhaps you have found yourself constantly repeating unhealthy patterns of behaviour and now want to break that cycle.

Difficulties that affect your state of mind can also affect your physical health, and vice versa. Caring for the whole self is important in maintaining balance and promoting a sense of overall wellbeing within your life.

Counselling at Back in Line provides an opportunity to work with a qualified and experienced professional in order to help you to identify and work through difficult situations and states of mind in a safe environment, so that you can go forwards to manage future challenges, in either your health or personal life, more easily as they arise. We can treat issues such as:

Depression • Anxiety • Bereavement and loss • Abuse • Anger • Low self esteem • Addictions • Stress • Health anxiety • Divorce and family dynamics • Life Transitions, such as adolescence, becoming a parent, retirement, menopause • The mind /body connection....amongst others.