Pre-habilitation and rehabilitation look at training your movement patterns to either decrease injury occurrence or to help you overcome injury. Areas examined can include; flexibility, stability, endurance and most importantly how you move.

Why is this important for all individuals? …because we all move differently and have different stresses imposed on our bodies by our daily activities, so whether you are an office worker or aspiring athlete this could be the key to not only living without pain but achieving more from your body.

Patients are assessed for 45 minutes, which covers the initial testing and analysis followed by an explanation of your results and what further training is appropriate for you.

Every plan is tailored to the individual to achieve the best possible results. Your plan will be discussed with you and re-assessed at each visit to ensure progress.

The number of sessions can vary depending on the goals set between practitioner and patient but a minimum of 4 sessions is required to instruct basic principles that are mastered to ensure successful results.

Once the initial course is completed it is highly beneficial that patients either continue a modified exercise plan at their gym or continue an exercise form such as yoga or Pilates.