Tim Henman

"After struggling with back pain I started working with Back in Line. Not only did they diagnose my problems, treat me and make me better, they made me stronger than I had ever been in my tennis career. I would strongly recommend Back in Line."

Sharon Corbett

"I woke up totally unable to lift my head from the pillow. My husband rang a few different chiropractic clinics early in the morning, in sheer desperation. Back in Line was able to make an appointment the same day and the receptionist gave me some very helpful advice to ease the pain, in the meantime."

"I saw Chiropractor, Amy Crerar, who took a full history of my condition. She did some tests on me and said I had what she called “a facet strain injury”. This condition is apparently common, often from sleeping in a bad position. By this time, I didn’t care, I just needed help. Amy did some surprisingly painless twists and clicks and I couldn’t believe the relief!"

"I went back for treatment over the next two days, after which, I was totally painfree! She showed me a support pillow, which they sell at the clinic and most importantly how to use it properly and now I don’t go overnight anywhere without it."

"Thanks Amy"

Charlie Wilson

"My Blackberry was my new toy; little did I know it would lead me to a chiropractor! After using it for two weeks, obsessively, (according to my wife), I developed severe pain and swelling in my right wrist and thumb area."

"A work colleague had been to see Vivienne Lyle for a knee problem and suggested I get her opinion. Vivienne diagnosed a tendonitis and used gentle manipulation, ultrasound and acupuncture. I was nervous when she suggested it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It didn't hurt at all and it helped enormously."

"She also recommended a wrist brace, which she was able to order for me. It took about five treatments to fully recover. I'm a very happy patient and now use my blackberry with more respect."

Liz Smith

"I'd been to my G.P. many times with severe lower back pain and sciatica and was given endless  prescriptions for pain killers.  Finally I took my friend's advice and called Vivienne Lyle."

"I was very sceptical and doubted she'd have any more success than the GP, but after four months, I was at my wits end and decided I had nothing to lose. I was amazed at the accuracy of her diagnosis and felt instantly reassured by her straightforward approach. She really understood my pain and explained what had happened to my back and how she could help me."

"I couldn’t believe that after a few painless manoeuvres and a lot of clicking noises I felt immediate relief. As I left the clinic I knew I was well on the way to being cured.  After three treatments my back was fixed.  I began to notice how many people complain of painful backs or necks and I'm always the first person to recommend Back in Line. It'll be the first place I go from now on, for any physical ailment!"